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Telegram members for channels, groups & bots.

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Invite real people to your channel

The bot will invite thousands of members to your channels and groups. Members will join your channel and interact with anything you post. In case you’re promoting a group, make sure to have enough admins ready as the group will be really busy the moment you add it to our bot.

Member joins your channel using invite link

Create a custom message to explain contents of your channel(or group) and send it to our army of real Telegram users from around the world. We track every member that joins your channel, and will send a fixed amount to anyone who joins through our bot. This amount is set by you (the advertiser), and can vary from 0.001 – 0.005 USD per member.

Telegram member
Telegram member

Leaving member is replaced

Get what you ask for!. The bot sends a new person if anyone leaves your channel in less then seven days.

Only real Telegram members

We provide 100% real members who will engage with your content if they are interested in what you’re posting. Our members are regular Telegram users and are a part of @ClickBeeBot for some extra cash. These are not bot-generated users. 

telegram members add bot

Fast and safe growth

Connect your channel and get your first 1000 members in just a few minutes. Our unique method of growth keeps you safe from Telegram’s terms of service thereby eliminating the risk of getting banned or locked.

Bitcoin payments

Want to pay using Bitcoin or any other crypto? Go to the telegram bot and generate a unique deposit wallet address for your account. Any payments to this wallet will be credited to your Telegram account automatically in less then 30 minutes.

Steps to increase Telegram member.


Open Telegram

(you can download it here)


Open ClickBeeBot inside Telegram

(search for “ClickBeeBot” in Telegram or click this link)


Press “My Ads” and follow instructions

Open The Bot In Telegram

Price per channel member is 0.1 TRX. So, the total amount you pay for 1000 members is 200 TRX (~$11). For groups the amount for 1000 members is around $22.

Views to a single post costs less than $3/1000 views.

You can ask for anywhere between 1 and 500k members.

Yes these are normal Telegram users and use @ClickBeeBot to earn some extra cash. Members who join earn 50% of the CPC(cost per click) you set. Be ready for some action in your group the moment you connect it to the bot.

You earn money to join channels, groups and bot advertised by our advertisers. You can even earn money by watching YouTube videos, and by completing other tasks.

We also pay users to refer friends to this system. You earn 10% if your friend completes tasks, and 5% of what they spend on ads.